Antique Theatre in Perry

About Us

 The history of the Antique Theatre in Perry dates back to 1949 when the Muse family began construction of Perry's first movie theatre. Opening in 1950 it became a popular hangout and is still in the hearts and memories of many Perry residences that enjoyed the theater. In the 70's it was used for concerts and other events. The theater closed down in the late 70’s and remained vacant until it came under new ownership in 2012. The Antique Theatre is now owned by a local company, Myers Industrial Construction.

The old Muse Theatre's history still can be seen inside and out of this cherished Perry landmark. Most of the original layout remains intact, and many of the wonderful staff has special memories of their own about the theatre. They would even be happy to show you where the concession stands used to be, or the balcony that was for "colored only" at the time it was built.